One product for each need


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    Our commercial elevators combine quality and performance in a largely pre-assembled package direct from our factory.  With a focus on product flexibility and backed by a powerful design team, our products can be easily adapted to all types of architectures and environments.


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    Designed specifically to transport heavy loads, our freight elevators are robust and versitle enough to meet strict specification requirements.

  • MATERIAL LIFTS TYPE B (w/ Attendant)

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    MATERIAL LIFTS TYPE B (w/ Attendant)

    The uniquely designed Hidral material lifts ware made with versatility in mind.  These units can be manufactured to accommodate spaces where conditions aren't conducive to having a pit, while at the same time meeting the code requirements for an attendant to accompany the materials during the transportation of the material.  These material lifts have an operating panel inside the lift for use by trained personnel only. 


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    Specifically desgined to create luxury in your home while adding value and versitility.  The smooth and quiet operation of Hidral's residential elevator will provide an added convenience with little to no disruptions to your home for years to come.

  • VRC's

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    Unlike freight elevators, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC's) are lifts designed to transport materials without the presence of an attendant. For this reason, there are no controls inside the lift.  VRC's must be easily adaptable for varied applications in regards to size and travel distances.  Hidral prides itself in conforming our products to the many different environments where a VRC may be suitable when a freight elevator is not a valid option.