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1,400 lbs


1,400 lbs

Limited Use Limited Application elevators are designed for jobs where the elevator may not be accessible to the public, but rather available only on a "limited" basis in order to meet ADA requirements.  While LULA's are much like a commercial passenger elevator, the capacity and platform surface area can be largely decreased and still comply with current codes.


Load: 1,400 lbs
Travel: up to 25 ft
Maximum Speed: up to 30 fpm
Maximum Net Surface Area: up to 18 sqft
Driving sytem: roped hydro 2:1
Driving power: 5Hp motor, 2 speed (208V-480V/3N/60Hz, single phase available)
Openings: Front/Rear, Front & Rear, Front/Rear & Side
Standard Finishes Available: Painted steel walls, laminated steel walls (skin plate).
Other Finishes Available: P-Lam, Multi-layer laminates, SS#4, Glazed walls
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