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Hidral has developed a complete range of large robust lifts for the transportation of heavy loads.

Hidral has developed a complete range of large robust lifts for the transportation of heavy loads. The QH range of lifts perfectly adapts to different environments and applications.
The QHP lift is the best solution for moving a large number of passengers (accompanied by light loads: suitcases and trolleys etc.) in shopping centres, supermarkets, airports, office buildings and hotels. This lift is notable for its comfort; it features an electric valve that ensures a smooth ride and precise stops and is very energy efficient.
It also includes safety barriers at the entrances and has extra features and specific finishes to adapt to the environment in which it is located. It has a load capacity of 2,000 to 6,000 kg and the cabin’s area conforms to Table 1.1 of standard EN 81.2.
The QHG lift is designed for the transportation of heavy loads in factories and warehouses. In addition to its electric anti-creep system for automatic re-levelling, it can also include an additional independent fast re-levelling system (for greater re-levelling speed and precision) or a mechanical anti-creep device that ensures that the cabin floor is completely flush with the landing during loading and unloading.
With a load capacity of 1,500 to 6,000 kg, the range offers different cabin dimensions for the same load (the maximum area of the cabin is determined in accordance with Table 1.1 a of standard EN 81.2).
Standing out from among its many functional solutions are its reinforced sill and heavy-duty protective strips to optimise use. It also features solutions with components that are specially certified to operate in special environments (damp, corrosive, exposed to the elements, with risk of explosion or fire etc).
The QHV car lift is specially designed for the transportation of vehicles in apartment and office building parking garages and public car parks, where the optimisation of space is essential. For added security, it includes a vehicle centring system and an optional double-switched central panel or emergency motor pump unit for use in the event of breakdown of the main drive unit (duplex solutions or for side-by-side lifts in buildings with high traffic: public car parks and large car dealerships etc).
It has a load range of 3,500 to 5,000 kg, and the maximum area of the cabin is determined by the vehicle size and conforms to Table 1.1 a of standard EN 81.2, although there is the possibility of other load/area ratios in accordance with specific standards from outside the EC.
For museums, theatres and large vehicle servicing and sales establishments, Hidral offers the QH Jumbo range, which is designed for very heavy loads and can fully adapt to any need, offering many possibilities. Assemblies with 4 and 6 rails for loads of up to 25 tonnes are available.

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