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Do you need to improve your loading and unloading processes?

Material Lift for Industry Applications

You need a reliable solution that has already been adopted by the largest global distribution chains. See why the industry leaders trust Hidral.

Fast loading and unloading times are essential for the smooth running of a supermarket. Here at Hidral, we offer a wide variety of vertical transport solutions to improve the operations and efficiency of your company. Our models include versatile VRCs, freight elevators, and lifts suitable for attendants and these have already been employed by several industry leaders looking to increase their output.

Our line of VRCs includes the EH-1500 model, the EH/DC range and the EH/4C models. These all have a wide variety of characteristics and uses, so that your company can receive the solution that is most appropriate to its needs. With load sizes ranging from 2,200lbs to 22,000lbs and a maximum distance of travel of up to 40ft, the benefits our VCRs would bring to the operations of your supermarket are countless.

We also offer elevators that are ridable with an attendant. These count on features such as controls, lights and door handles on the interior, so that the attendant inside is given maximum control and comfort as they transport products from A to B quickly and efficiently.

For application in supermarkets, we also offer our QHG freight elevator. This solution guarantees the smoothest ride possible while at the same time being able to transport loads of up to 13,200lbs to heights of up to 70ft in under 45 seconds.

All the aforementioned products offer an electronic anti-creep system that helps the elevator to automatically relevel, as items are being loaded or unloaded and the weight exerted changes, as well as advanced relevelling technology to increase the speed, precision and safety.

There is always scope for supermarkets to become more efficient and increase output and your business is no exception. Our years of experience in the elevation and accessibility sector, high customer service and impressive line of products stand us in good stead to help your business achieve this. With 24 hour customer service 365 days a year, we are always available.