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Vertical Transport of Products

We have solutions that can help you manage your facilities more efficiently. See our versatile line of vertical transport products.

Our line of vertical transport products allows your company to manage its facilities more effectively and easing the transport of materials helps to increase efficiency, as it shortens the production line. Our versatile range of vertical transport systems promises comfort and safety while being able to provide the best solution for your company.

For a logistical application, our VCRs are perfect due to their adaptability to jobs of all sizes. The EH/4C range is able to transport loads of up to 22000lbs and has a maximum surface area of 269ft2 , while we also provide VCR’s, such as the EH/DC or EH/DCL elevators, which are appropriate for smaller jobs, such as the transportation of forklift trucks. Regardless of the size required, we can offer the perfect option for you and your company.

Also available to solve your company’s logistical problems is the EHM-1500U elevator. This elevator is ridable with an attendant inside, with controls, lights and door handles on the interior to ensure the maximum comfort and control over your products. Along with our VCRS, this lift also employs an Anti-creep system, that maintains the level of the lift as items are being loaded and unloaded from the lift, as well as slow speed relevelling, so that the lift levels out smoothly as the weigh exerted changes, maximising the safety and comfort of your products and staff.

Here at Hidral, we are able to count on years of experience in the vertical transport industry to ensure a professional service and high-quality products for your company. These years of experience have allowed us to innovate, research and develop better solutions for any needs a company might have.