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​Due to the increasing cost of industrial land, maximizing the efficiency of production space has become a necessity.

Industrial Elevators maximize Efficiency

Safe, efficient and reliable lifting solutions are needed to minimize safety incidents. We have already helped business leaders in more than 80 countries. Let us help you.

Industrial space is becoming more and more expensive and so finding new ways to cut costs and maximise efficiency is more essential than ever. Having already been able to help businesses from 80 different countries worldwide, we believe that we are adequately equipped to provide you with effective solutions for your company. Gone are the days of space wasting ramps, that are difficult to install and much slower, we can provide your company with freight elevators, VRC´s as well as lifts appropriate for attendants to help increase the potential of your company’s space.

Our vehicle elevators employ various features to maintain the safety of a car as well as provide a service that is comfortable for vehicles of up to 11000lbs. These include vehicle centring, a switched double central panel or emergency motor-pump for group use in the unlikely event of a break down.

We also offer VRC´s that are available in several different sizes and travel distances and so can be used for all manner of activity. Capacity sizes range anywhere from 2200lbs all the way to 22000lbs and they can travel up to 40ft. The possibilities are endless for your business.

Our range of lifts also provides material lifts with attendants, which allow the safe travel of attendants accompanying materials. Controls, door handles and ceiling lights inside the lift, as well as anti-creep technology ensure a comfortable and above all safe experience for the attendant in the lift.

Here at Hidral, we pride ourselves on providing personal and professional service to our clients through our wide range of products, which help to provide solutions to every type of business. Years of research and development has allowed us to use the latest innovation in the elevation and accessibility sector to design the most efficient products for your business.